IronCraft Network

We are a community focused group with a Survival Multiplayer Server (1.19) and weekly events. If you would like to join our Minecraft server, please join our discord and apply to be whitelisted.

We are continually developing new servers, custom datapacks and discord bots to make the community more enjoyable.

Bingo 1 Winners

IronCraft Servers Trailers

Screenshots from IronCraft SMP

Discord Server

Our Patreon

Thank you to all of our amazing patreons who help us to keep the server alive. If you want to pledge to support us please follow the link at the top or click the join button below. Any level support helps us lots and will allow us to develop our servers further.

You will also get access to a private modded server running our own modpack Ironquest.


If you would like to make a one time pledge to the server you can do so using our donation link. This will give you a donator role on the discord and some benefits on the minecraft servers. Again any support we get is greatly appreciated and will allow us to stay online for longer.

The Admin Team

Our admin team consists of 8 admins DrwackyBob, XPhoenix54, TechnoDroidX, Master_Bit, Emilio, Flashead, Dytia_ and Notanotherlucy. Mr_Mask_05 is the owner of Ironcraft Network. If you experience any issues please contact us through discord.

Admin Team Discord Usernames

𝕄𝕣 π•„π•’π•€π•œ#5225