IronCraft Servers

Survival Server

The SMP Server has been open for around 1 month now and is on the 1.17.1 Version we have many datapacks and plugin that make the playing experince more enjoyable.

Lobby Server

You will join the lobby when you first join the new IP address. In the lobby you will have a Server Selector tool (nether star) which allows you to move to other servers. There are also portals to move to the other servers, or you can use the `/server` command. There are 2 parkour courses, an ‘easy’ course and a ‘hard’ course, with leaderboards to show the top times.

Creative Server

The map has over 2000 100x100 plots for you to build in. To claim a plot just place a sign on the edges next to the paths.

To use warping on the server use the command `/warp create [name]` when standing where you would like the warp to be. You can then go to this warp by using the command `/warp [name]` and optionally add a password to it by using the command `/warp password [name] [password]`.

To view a list of all the warps on the server use the command `/warp list`

You can use TPAs to teleport to other players in the server. To do this use the command `/tpa [name]` you can also use `/tpahere [name]` to request for them to teleport to you. You will need to accept the request using the command `/tpa accept` or deny it using `/tpa deny` if you receive a request.

We have allowed you to use all of world edits commands and features but if this causes issues we can revoke these permissions. Along with this you also have the ability to place schematics using Litematica or Schematica.

You also have access to the commands for changing the time and weather on the server. Again if they are abused we will revoke these permissions.

PvP Server

The PvP server uses a KitPVP plugin from the creator Cervinakuy on

To use the plugin you first need to select a kit by using the chest on your hotbar. Once you have selected a kit you can go into the arena and fight with other players. The kits will have special abilities and will contain a Regen soup that regenerates some hearts.

The majority of kits are available to everyone but a few are locked to only our patreons.

If you would like to clear a kit you can use the command `/kp clear`. We will be having competitions for who can get the most kills and levels so check #community-events for when they are happening.

Events Server

We have a separate events server, which will be offline for the majority of the time, except when we are hosting an event for all players such as a UHC, or other minigames that require large amounts of space. You will be notified about upcoming events in the #community-events channel.

Minigame Hub

We will have a minigame hub to allow you to move to different minigame servers, such as the PVP server, the parkour area, and the minigame events. This server is home to the main parkour

How to Use Voxel Map

We are aware that many of you use voxelmap, and don’t want your current map to be reset with the new IP, so we have recorded this short video to show you how to move the map files to the new server, and enable multiworld on the new server, so each world lobby, creative etc. has different maps.